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Carrying out manipulations at home

Carrying of manipulations at home are needed, taking into account the various categories of patients. Often there is a need to overcome long distances to take a manipulation. Therefore, the best way is to call to qualified medical specialists “Fitoria”. Especially convenient service when a patient is in a serious age, in a difficult condition or with limited abilities.

The medical aid “Fitoria” provides services daily, and manipulations are carried out by the best specialists with considerable experience. Required materials, disinfectants, means for introducing therapeutic liquids (tripods for drops, syringes, dressings, etc.), the medical materials themselves will be delivered to your home in accordance with the letter of medical prescriptions.

At the beginning of the manipulation, the consultant must conduct a preliminary examination of the patient’s condition and problems collect and analyze information on the impact of various therapeutic methods on the development of the disease. Conduct measurements of current body temperature, pressure and pulse.

And also provide the following services: