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Go to the patients

Medical aid “Fitoria” provides reliable and high-quality medical care to all segments of the population. Regardless of the day of the week or weekends, and hours of the day you can safely call our experts at home to provide the required range of help. Given the fact that patients often feel calm and relaxed in their home, it is easier for doctors to find a common language with the patient and helps the doctor to make a fast and qualified examination of the patient. That is why we emphasize that our slogan is to provide fast, comfortable, qualified medical care by using an individual approach and paying the maximum attention to the patient.

We provide medical assistance in hard-to-reach areas of the regions. Our specialists will take care about the patients with a variety of chronic diseases. We will get to your location and conduct professional diagnosis and treatment of the most common diseases. If the home of an ill patient is located on a farm, and there is a no possibility to go to a hospital or the doctor does not meet your requirements, the medical assistance “Fitoria” will help you. We will definitely provide recommendations and a detailed explanation of prescribed medication; we will discuss and show you how to handle properly the procedure. By the way, our doctors will professionally carry out the necessary manipulations. One of the types of medical care is the possibility to invite the narrow specialists on your location or you can consult with our doctor. This is a very convenient feature, especially if your village can not boast of such specialists. Imagine a situation when after the examination the doctor you need the hospitalization. In this case, there is no reason to worry – we will provide transportation and skilled support of the consultant’s doctor to the place of hospitalization.

Our service center has a new function for Ukraine. We offer it to your attention. In the modern world, it is not new, but the main trend is a healthy lifestyle. Qualified Fitoria specialists will kindly, accessible and professionally conduct an informative conversation as part of a healthy lifestyle, help you sort out and respond to your concerns in this regard. If you have a bad habit and want to get rid of it; you cannot understand what is harming your health – you should immediately contact our health care.