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Care for seriously ill patient

An important part of the services provided by the medical aid “Fitoria” is to help family to taking care seriously ill patients. Usually, patients in this condition need to be supervised 24/7. It often brings complexity into the life of the family – there is not always a chance to give up work and qualify to serve the patient. It is necessary to control the color of the skin, blood pressure and pulse within normal limits, changes in breathing.

It is important to take care of comfort: a clean bed; soft and seamless linen, timely spread; comfortable position, even if you cannot use functional beds. Severe ill need special hygiene measures that our specialists will provide. These include rubbing the body, wiping your teeth and tongue if necessary, and washing the oral cavity. Special attention is given to competent help when changing the position and proper placement of the patient from the bed. It is also possible that a special diet will be needed, which cannot be avoided without experienced workers.

Direction of help is to create a comfortable emotional and physical condition. All the most essential for the care of the patient will be provided by experienced medical specialists “Fitoria”.