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Transportation of patients

Transportation of the patient – a service that is increasingly gaining momentum. In Ukraine, it’s not often possible to hear about the transportation of patients, and about the delivery from abroad. But we are developing together with the state and we like to use comfortable services. Therefore, the medical assistance “Fitoria” offers for your use high-speed ambulance that has all the necessary equipment to accompany the patient to the place of hospitalization. Thanks to doctors-consultants, the patient’s condition throughout the entire path will be maintained in good condition. Perhaps there was a need to move from one medical institution to another, or a partial visit to other health facilities.

It is very important to take a cautious attitude towards the seriously ill people. The comfort issue is very relevant for the family and accompanying people. Often the sick patient who is needed  the transportation within the state or abroad for treatment, rehab are suffering physically and morally from illness. Our specialists are aware of this point. The condition of the patient and his family are the main factors in such work. We can assure you with all responsibility that the quality and comfort of the ambulance meets all the requirements. Depending on the condition and the specificity of the situation, we try to create cosines, providing the patient with appropriate care and the most convenient position during the movement, to create the usual microclimate, temperature regime. The attending physician is provided with everything necessary to support the condition of the patient or to provide urgent medical assistance.

During the transportation within the country, our employees not only relocate the patient to a hospital or a medical institution of another direction, but also help him move to a bed, armchair or wheelchair. You will not have to worry about how you should move a patient on the upper floors. In the case of transportation abroad, special support is provided by doctors who are responsible for the patient’s condition throughout the trip. In the same way the escort is organized to the airport or train station including refueling the transport. High level of preparedness of specialists, complete set of ambulance, high-quality, fast and safe service are those factors that the “Fitoria” medical assistance will be guaranteed during transportation of all difficulty conditions patients.